Election 2018

Results for the Nov. 6, 2018, General Election in Nelson County Kentucky

Note: The numbers below refresh automatically every 5 minutes, but you must still refresh this page in your browser to see the changes.

Below are the election night returns for Nelson County as gathered by The Kentucky Standard. These are unofficial. Scroll past the numbers for more explanation.

Where the numbers come from

The numbers above are compiled by The Kentucky Standard on election night by two staffers who review print-outs from each precinct in Nelson County. Those staffers then enter the numbers into a Google spreadsheet that updates in real time for the newsroom and PLG-TV.

We post the results online and update the results live on Bardstown Cable Channel 13, but I wanted to share the source document with readers this year in an effort to offer them the fastest results on Election Night.

That being said: Fast is not always accurate. 

These numbers could change throughout the night. There could be typos or the wrong numbers entered into the wrong cell. The formula could become corrupted tallying the totals. These — and many more unforeseen issues — are all things that happen in journalism as reporters cover live events. Sometimes live journalism can be like watching the sausage being made. It’s not always pretty, but in the end it tastes pretty good.

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